Monday, December 1, 2008


I still haven't found the time to take a picture of it...maybe tomorrow. But this particular snowfall is absolutely beautiful. It started last night around 7 and continued all through the night and until after 1 this afternoon!

This weather creates the necessity to share my personal feelings about driving in the winter. There is, of course such a thing as driving too fast. But lets remember folks that there is such a thing as driving too slow! ESPECIALLY if there isn't that much snow under your tires!

Also, it means that its really time to start thinking about Christmas. I have the christmas music (classical christmas music, of course) running through the house, and my DVR is set to record all of the good ABC 25 days of christmas! What a great season!

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Kaija said...

Happy Christmas season! I'm happy it puts you in the blogging mood,too! Okay, back to work...