Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How It All Went Down

So lest some of you worry that all of my class has gone out the window and I actually asked Whitney to marry me online, and for those of you who want the whole story because you love that kind of thing, here we go:

The Story of the Ring

Over the summer, Whitney and I started looking at engagement rings, mostly online (I know..we're a part of THAT generation...) but we found a setting that her and I both really liked, both because it was beautiful and it had some great symbolism. Of course, i didn't tell her at the time that I ordered when my next paycheck came in..

Whitney also told me over the summer that if I wanted to use it, she had been offered her Grandmother's center diamond to use in her engagement ring. Naturally I jumped on the opportunity since I love things that are meaningful like that. She said that she would contact her mom and see if she could get the diamond out of the ring so that I could take it with me when we out to Oregon in August.

But..of course...her knowing that I had the diamond wouldn't be any fun at all...

So I got a hold of her parents and asked them to pretend like they weren't ready to give the diamond up. Then when we came out in August I brought the setting with me (without Whitney knowing of course) and gave it to Whitney's parents. While we were out there, Whitney brings out her grandma's ring to show me the diamond again. I decide this is a great opportunity to cement the deception, so I say "wasn't your mom supposed to get that out for me this week?" I'm so horrible.

They brought the setting and her grandmas ring to the jeweler who originally made the ring and had the diamond set into Whitney's setting and then gave the ring back to me when I came out for Thanksgiving. Her parents also used the other diamonds in the ring to make a band for her mom and a new band for her dad - which they wore over Thanksgiving. I was afraid that Whitney would catch on, but her parents had carefully planned their story to make sure that she didn't.

The Thanksgiving Mess

Well, the next mess that required another lie occurred when Whitney got home from Thanksgiving and several people checked her hand or asked if she was engaged. (Thanks guys) so I had to come up with something to throw her off the trail (just in case she had gotten on).

So in conversation I asked "So do you think you could get your grandma's diamond when you go home over Christmas break?" Again...I'm horrible, but it needed to happen.

The Story of the Blog:

I decided that there had to be some "long-distance" element in the proposal since nearly our entire dating life had been long distance, but I refused to propose online, thus the "12 Days of Whitney" was born.

The posts were scheduled to go up every morning at 9 o'clock mountain time, so they would come up when Whitney was at work and could see them. Except the last one, which I programmed to go up while Whitney was picking me up from the airport in Salt Lake.

The whole day while I was getting ready to drive to Indianapolis, I was threading this long yarn that began with me saying "You haven't said anything about today's post yet!" and ended with "I'll have to fix that when we get to home tonight!"

The Night

I told Whitney on Sunday night that I wanted Monday night to be ours alone, since there were a lot of people who had already asked to spend time with us. I, with the help of my sister and several very helpful stewardesses on my flights, successfully kept a bouquet of flowers alive on my flights from Indianapolis and gave them to her when she picked me up. I also had bought a fun "wintery" fondue set (a snowman where the chocolate sits in his to come later) that I checked in my luggage that I thought would be a nice precursor to the whole "question." My mom had even bought fresh fruit for us to use and left it set out on a beautiful table at her house.

My bags got lost.

I suspected the bags might get lost because my first flight was significantly delayed, so I had time to realize that this was another great opportunity to throw her off the trail. Since I was worried that Whitney might suspect (come on...when have I EVER wanted to stay up past midnight, especially after a long day of flying) I just told her "My plans for tonight are in my bags that got lost! So lets just hang out for a bit and go to bed, ok?" (As I learned later, this little distraction was completely unnecessary...)

We went to her house, she showed me her christmas tree, we put the flowers in water (which are still living I might add!) and then she said "Should we see if we can fix your blog?" Music to my ears!

We walk in to her bedroom where she opens up her computer and types in the address to the blog. I'm sitting on the edge of her bed, ring in my pocket, just waiting.

It pops up.

She jumps up and says "its up!" i figured she caught on...i start to get down on one knee.

She looks really confused.

"You didn't read the blog, hun, did you?"

She whips back around and sees the picture of the ring, then whips back around to me.

I ask her to marry me, she says yes, then we hug, I'm still on one knee.

"Whitney...I have a ring for you."

"Oh...that's great!"

"Its in my right hand right now..."

She ends the hug - rather abruptly I might add - and finds the ring in my right hand.

The Aftermath

So then we went back out to the living room and I had to unload the web of lies that I have been feeding her since August, and then tell her congratulations from all of her friends in Illinois. She apparantly had absolutely no idea, and was completely blown away by the whole prospect.

So for anyone who might be asking, we're looking at a mid to late August wedding in Portland, as soon as we figure out the schedules of immediate family.

I feel like the luckiest guy in the world!


Tiffany said...

Congratulations Bryson!! I'm so excited for you guys!! Let me know when you figure out a date!

Kaija said...

Mid to late WHAT MONTH in Portland?

Jenika said...

Congratulations Bryson and Whitney! I am just thrilled for you. Your blog entries were so sweet and creative. I wish you every imaginable happiness.

Andtheknee said...

I want to assure you that Whitney had no idea. I spoke with her everyday for hours at work, and she was oblivious. So was I, but that's expected. ;) So congratulations!!! Being engaged is the best! Well, I think married is even better, but I'll let you know next week. ;) CONGRATULATIONS!!!

D. Kay said...

Congrats! I'm excited for you guys! I want an invitation:)

Marlies said...

Thanks for letting me read those great entires. Even though I know Whitney (even since she was little and singing in church) I feel like I met her all over again. I have always loved those quaities in her and I'm glad to see that the important stuff hasn't changed. It sounds to me like you are both lucky. What a dynamic couple you will make!!! Thanks again.
Marlies (Kunz) Robison (a friend from Corvallis years ago).

Courtney said...


Amy Owens said...

awwww cute!

jeanette said...

The entire Larsen clan is so excited for you! Everyone agreed, though, that you will never be old enough to get married. :) Since you are the baby of the Mortensen-Larsen bunch, your nuptials are the end of an era. Congratulations from all of us (Curt, Chris, Jeanette, Elisa, Brian, and their respective spouses and children).

CC Girl said...

Congratulations!!! I am SO excited for you! Gorgeous ring, and what an awesome story! I am just so happy for you!!

singingrae said...

Can't tell you how happy I am for you! ALL the best to you two. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful Christmas. :)

Kate said...

Ooo, smoochy smoochy!

Heather said...

This is Whitney's second cousin, Heather Nielsen Strasser. I linked here from Cousin Craig's blog. Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS! I'm happy for you btoh and looking forward to meeting you Bryson. Give Whitney a hug from Aunt Faye's family!

Julia said...
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Bryson Mortensen said...

Julia!! How wonderful to hear from you! Tell me about your life! My email is

Marcee said...

I'm so glad facebook sent me the good news and that I got to read your blog. I always thought a lot of you and I'm glad you've found someone so wonderful. Marriage really is incredible, and I'm so excited for the ride that awaits you. The ring is beautiful, your story is beautiful. Best of luck and CONGRATS!

The Henricksen Journal said...

Bryson! Kirst told me to read this to find out how it all went down. Congrats! We live in Gig Harbor (I know you know where that is) so we expect an invite - you know I would travel 2 hours to see you dance the cowboy cha cha with your new bride. Miss you, Gail
PS - I am doing the "worm" in celebration for you! Ask Kirst if you are wondering what I am talking about... but I think you know.
PPS (or is it PSS) - I will send you an invite to my blog.