Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Soup!

So...I've been trying to become more of a soup master of recent. I can make an alright chicken soup, and have a lot of success with that. I've also figured out some nice chilies and had a lot of success with those as well. But I wanted to try something different, something that at least looked like christmas, even if it didn't really taste like it. (A soup that tasted like christmas would have to be a dessert soup, although the wheels are turning now...) So, I figured I would make a soup that had a nice red base...what came to mind as I went into the store??


So I combined Beets (3 Medium sized) with Sweet Potatoes (2 large ones) and boiled them in Chicken Broth until soft (The beets take a lot longer, so put them in first). Then I used my handy blender and smoothed it all out. Added a little more chicken broth, added some leeks (for the green part of my christmas soup) and let that simmer for awhile. Salt to taste. Then add some buttermilk. It tastes pretty dang good!

So, as I was reheating it for round two today. I realized a different kind of red soup that I would have a LOT more success with....Tomato! We'll see where it goes!


Kaija said...

sounds delicious!

singingrae said...

You are cracking me up! Beet and sweet potato soup? Oh dear. Sounds like quite a concoction.

No, really, I'm proud of you for cooking. Way to go! I look forward to hearing more of your successes. Oh, and I'm kind of sick, could you send along some of your chicken noodle for me?