Friday, April 2, 2010


Okay, okay, so mine didn't come with the pink cover OR the daffodils.... But Whitney and I are the proud owners of nooks! Finally something that combines my love of technology and my love of books in one great little unit! Now I can still use technology WHILE using a book, get a download of The New Yorker or my favorite newspaper downloaded every morning, or just read great books!

The great advantage to this little nook as that you automatically have access to everything in google books' library for free!! I am falling in love with the classics again, and increasingly fascinated with writers like Dickens (currently reading A Tale of Two Cities; the book I was SUPPOSED to read in High School for Mr. Palagi's senior literature course....finally getting around to it) and their ability to vividly describe situations, landscapes, characters, moods with an incredible vocabulary that buries me deeper into the pages (or digital images...).

So...question for the day....which classics should I read? What are your favorites? Remember, we're shooting for the free ones, since we're saving up every last penny for the trip to Wisconsin!