Sunday, December 7, 2008

9th Day of Christmas...Her Voice

Well, while we are talking about it, we might as well discuss another one of the things that I find absolutely beautiful about Whitney, her voice. Whitney has two voices. Her first voice (even though its not the first one I heard) is her soprano/classical voice. She has an incredibly rich soprano voice and amazing talent for picking up a song really quickly (even though she doesn’t think so). Her second voice is the one that I fell in love with first. Its her “sultry” voice. If you haven’t heard her sing jazz, you would be absolutely amazed! It is so rich, low, and soulful! I was completely surprised that she was a soprano after I heard her sing like that!

What’s more important is that she loves music. That is something that is super important to me. She is singing all the time. I think its absolutely hysterical that she is already singing along to a song after she’s listened to for only 30 seconds! Who does that? She knows so much music and introducing me to so many different types of music. It certainly makes spending time with her wonderful!

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