Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lesson Learned

So...for my Music Appreciation Course that I'm teaching this fall, I'm getting all gung-ho about getting things lined up early. My goal for each of my classes is to have the first 8 lectures (first month) prepared (or at least powerpointed...) so that I am ready to go. I still am going to have a lot of work once I get there, so I'm hoping this gives me a chance to keep my feet under me this first semester.

I found a really fun text for the course and started getting my lectures ready. This text was particularly attractive, because it had some powerpoint slides that I could already use, as well as a test bank that works very nice for midterms, etc. So I've made it all the way up to my first midterm (about 8 or 9 classes in) and I decide its time to talk to the textbook manager at the school to make sure I can get the text ordered.


Turns out they bought back a text from last semester that I need to use at least for this first semester. its a fine text, and the students will still learn what they need to. It just means I have to go back and read another book and make sure that my lectures line up with what they are teaching....ugh.

Starting over....


Kaija said...

Sorry to hear about the hiccup. But just think of all you learned prepping the course! I'm sure a lot of that stuff will crop up again, even with the new textbook :)

Kerri said...

it's true...perhaps not all time was wasted. Yet, I can relate that it can be hard to become excited about someone else's planned text than what YOU found would work well with your teaching style. Good luck. Prayer works.

jeanette said...