Friday, March 19, 2010

Reserve the UHaul!

So, the real reason why I couldn't get anything done today (and couldn't tell you about it because it would have jinxed it...) was because I got an email from University of Wisconsin-Rock County saying that they would be following up on my references. I then heard minutes later that they had contacted my advisor at the University of Illinois.

So, with the absolute inability to focus on ANYTHING but when or if I a job offer was coming today. I happily resolved the situation by heading up to BYU and listening to the choirs. (Admittedly, I couldn't even really enjoy rehearsal, but at least I was DOING something).

Around 3pm I chat with Whitney and find out that she is done with work, so I figure I'll go get her and we'll do something to entertain ourselves until the concert last night. When I go down to meet her, one of her coworkers - in response to the email I had received - asked me when I was expecting to hear back.

My phone starts buzzing.

I pull out the phone, and its a Wisconsin area code, and I say "I can't answer it."

After I see that a voicemail is left, I go listen to it.

"Bryson, this is XXX from UW-Rock County. I'm calling to offer you a job! Give me a call back!"

I won't say my response was giddy. I was definitely happy, sooooo glad to have this phase of my life over, but a little bit in a daze about the fact that I had been offered a job and now I was officially a professor. Now that I have had some time to let it settle in and make plans for the next step of my life, I am getting really excited!!

Above is a picture of the Japanese portion of the Rotary Gardens in Janesville. So cool!


Becca Anderson said...

Wahoooie! Congratulations you guys! We are so excited for you!

Cherie said...

YAY!!! We're thrilled for you. You are going to LOVE WI. Be sure to get some frozen custard as soon as you get there. And cheese!

Jill W said...

Bryson, I'm so happy for you! You will be fantastic.

Kim said...

Yay Bryson! That's Fantastic!

Becca said...

Yay!! Congratulations!! :) So awesome.

Courtney Price said...

Exciting news! That first job offer is VERY MUCH something to be giddy about :) A good feeling! Best of luck!

Kerri said...

You've got to be kidding me!

We were just driving through Janesville last night, and Steve sold a house up there last year.

CONGRATS!!!!! Oh, I am SOO happy for you and Whitney!

Kaija said...

I am SO happy for you. I can't wait for a day like this in my own life :)