Friday, March 19, 2010

I Don't Wanna' Work...

The Carnival Cruise lines song is singing to me (although everytime I hear the melody, I think of The Office...)

The reason it keeps singing to me? I am technically on Spring Break (Thank you, UVU for having one) just got finished with an intense interview process (perhaps I overprepared for the first one?) and am sitting back in my "dissertation" chair trying to get back on track with my dissertation. I have two more chapters - 30 more pages - to write, and it feels like the last 100 feet of a marathon. But I've got to get this thing finished so that I can work on other things. From what I can tell, University of Wisconsin is going to be a summer FULL of prep so that I can keep on track and do what I can do best. (This, of course, is IF I get the job, there will be a much more interesting post when/if I do get a job offer, don't you worry).

Lesson Learned: Momentum is ALWAYS your best friend.

Second Lesson Learned: There are ALWAYS more fun things to do than try to get back to writing your dissertation. For example:

Playing with your new nook (can we say ALL the classics for free? yes we can!)
Looking at things to do in the Rock County, Wisconsin area
Finally doing a recipe from that French Cookbook your wife bought when you were first married.
Looking at housing options in Janesville, WI
Playing games on your computer
Reading into every detail in every email that you get from someone at UW-Rock County.
Sharing those details with friends and seeing what they think.
Watching "Saved by the Bell" (it brings back such good memories)
Posting on your blog!

I need motivation!


Cherie said...

Here's a thought: think about how wonderful your spring will be if your dissertation is done! That kind of thinking motivated me to spend my entire Thanksgiving holiday a few years ago finishing my choral lit box. Words cannot express my joy (or the envy of others) at not having it hanging over my head during finals. Take breaks when you need (for certain!), but keep plowing onward. You can do it!!

Kaija said...

I am totally sitting back in that same dissertation chair wanting to be outside in the sunshine -- 75 degrees here today! Did you already do your on campus interview? Good luck with the momentum, brother of mine!!!

Courtney Price said...

Too funny :) I should list what I SHOULD be doing right now :)