Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Pictures

So, I'm certain that all of you would love to see some pictures of the happy couple! I promise I'll get less cheesy in a little bit...really.... These are pictures that our good friend Ben Boster took over the Christmas break, because we decided we deserved some of those winter pictures....we need to clarify that these do not count as our engagement pictures, those will be taken later, when its prettier...but they do still look good!
This picture will probably be a christmas card, don't you think??

Whitney is totally making fun of these kinds of engagement pictures, but I think it looks pretty cool!

I have no idea what happened here, I probably made some joke that she's mad at....

I just think this one is cool, with the branch there, very artistic....

Just really cool, that's all I have to say!!

Well, that's all you get for now! These are my personal favorites of the ones Ben took, enjoy!


Kirst said...

These are GREAT pictures! :)

Julia said...

As much as she is making fun of those types of pictures, I think the "ring shot" is my favorite.