Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Beautiful Weather!?!

Why is it so much harder to get any work done when its a beautiful day outside?? It just makes you want to go for a nice walk, or read a good book, or take a nap on your lawn, not sit inside and make powerpoint slides about German/Italian Madrigals....arrrrrg


Harley said...

Bryson, your last entry said you were going to write more frequently in your blog...

...that was last month and you only have one entry.

Where's the frequency?

Here are some ideas:
favorite songs-list reasons you like them, maybe scan the score, post it, and point and parts you like.
Girlfriend news-here you've got a girl, I'd love to hear (read) more about her.
Favorite conductors-who are some of your favorite conductors? What do they do that you want to do?
Videos-videotape yourself doing a performance, upload to Youtube, paste on your blog.
Day in the life-take photograph every hour of your typical day and write about each one.

I'm so glad you keep a blog. I've been trying to convince Kirk and Kaija they should write.

John Calder said...


I hope you're doing well in Illinois. I miss singing in the BYU choirs. If you ever get a minute, send me an email. Let me know how you are doing.


Becca and Ty said...

you have a blog :) that's very cool. I do too. and we're both ex-pats now from BYU so that should make our blogs pretty interesting.

becca warthen